Guar Meal 40% (Guar Churi)

Guar Meal 40% (Guar Churi)
Protein: 40%
Moisture: 10%
Oil: 4%
Fiber: 14%
Ash: 5%
Oil & Albuminoid: 45% Min
CHO (NFE): 40%
Packaging: 50kg PP Bag


Guar meal is the main by-product of guar gum production. It is a mixture of germs and hulls at an approximate ratio of 25% germs to 75% hulls (Lee et al., 2004). A protein-rich material containing about 40% protein in the DM, it is used as a feed ingredient, but may require processing to improve palatability and remove antinutritional factors.

Processed Guar Meal (Fodder) is a free flowing powder that is a low cost, high protein feedstuff. It is widely used as partial substitute of soybean meal (SBM).  It is processed by toasting at high temperature to remove the natural trypsin inhibitor. Thus enhancing its nutritive value and digestibility. It is also a natural binder that prevents feed pellets from crumbling.  It is free from Aflatoxin, Salmonella, and E Coli.


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