Soy Lecithin Liquid

Soy Lecithin Liquid
Acetone Insolubles: 60% Min
Hexane Insolubles: 1% Max
Moisture: 1% Max
Acid Value: 30 mg KOH/g Max
Viscosity: 12,000 at 25’C Brookfield Max
Gardner Color: 14 Max
Peroxide Value: 5 meq/kg Max
Packing: 200kg Barrel in Containers


Soya Lecithin is the by-product in the production process of soybean oil. Soya lecithin is used in animal diets not only for their nutritional contribution of phospholipids and essential fatty acid, but also for many functional purposes. Soya lecithin is the foundation of most animal feed, supplying necessary amino acids for maximum production efficiency, energy sources are critical animal diets.

In animal feed, it enriches fat and protein and improves pelletization.


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