Standard White Wheat (ASW)

Standard White Wheat (ASW)
Variety Restrictions: Yes (Approved Varieties only)
Protein Min: No Min % ([email protected]% Moisture Basis)
Protein Max: NA
Moisture Max: 12.5%
Test Weight Min (kg/hl): 76.0
Unmillable Material Above the Screen Max (% by weight): 5.0%
Screenings max (% by weight): 5.0 (All matter passing through a 2.0mm slotted screen.)
Packaging: In Bulk Vessel or Containerized in Bulk


Australian Standard White (ASW) Wheat is widely recognised as a highly versatile medium to low protein white wheat product representing excellent value for straight milling or blending purposes.

This multi-purpose wheat is used for the production of Middle Eastern, Indian and Iranian style flat breads, European style breads and rolls, and Chinese steamed bread. The versatility of Australian Standard White ensures its popularity as a consistent and genuine value for money product.


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